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IQF Freezing and its Importance

In today’s day and age, where markets are ever evolving and in a state of constant change, there is one market that has had a continual increase and has no intention of slowing down any time soon. I am of course talking about the food production industry. With growing populations and a larger clientele than ever before, the food industry seems to be on a meteoric rise.

As such, with growing demands, comes growing requirements. Traditional equipment often fails to keep up with these requirements and so technology steps in to fill the void.
In the case of food preservation an rapid refrigeration, IQF Freezing Technology is at the forefront of the field. Today, we will be looking at what IQF Freezing is as well as look inot the various IQF Freezers available and their importance in the industry.

What is IQF Freezing?

IQF Frozen Strawberry

IQF stands for individual quick freeze. An IQF Freezer focuses on rapidly freezing products to bypass the ice crystal formation threshold as soon as possible. Doing this allows for finer ice crystals and better product quality. In addition to this, an IQF Freezer also helps ensure that the products that are being frozen do not stick together and coagulate. This is usually achieved through a form of tray and shelf shaking to pressurized chambers that allow for more movement and space between individual products.

Let us illustrate this concept with an example. If we consider the case of shrimp, we will notice that in a usual non IQF Freezer, the shrimp sticks together when frozen. This often creates inconvenience for the customer and also causes damage to the product itself. In an IQF Freezer however, the shrimp are constant shaken to ensure that the shrimp stay separated individually during the process of freezing. This ensures that the finished product is fresh, well frozen and not sticking to any of its counterparts. Products such as peas and beans and even berries are often frozen using an IQF Freezer to ensure the highest quality with convenience.

The Benefits of an IQF Freezer :

When it comes to IQF Freezing , there is often confusion as to what product it is best to go with. Depending on the industry, the requirements may be different. For example, let us consider the case of an IQF Freezer in Meats Vs Vegetables. Vegetables in general have a higher moisture content than meat and more delicate skins. On the other hand, meats tend to have a high fat content and thicker skin. These are factors to consider when purchasing an IQF Freezer as it can make the difference between choosing an IQF Freezer that excels at Vegetables but struggles with Meats or vice versa. Thus, it is important to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of a product prior to making a purchase and an IQF Freezer is no different.
However, with the right balance, you can achieve a freezer that is capable of freezing both vegetables, fish and meats with equal ease.

Our Ultra Low Temperature IQF Freezer excels at freezing a wide range of products, from fruits and vegetables, to seafood, to even meat products and other frozen foods including pre prepared meals. In addition to this, there is a plethora of benefits one can expect to receive from working with our Ultra Low Temperature IQF Freezer. Some of these benefits are as follows :

Faster Freezing : Your products will be able to reach negative temperatures in a matter of a few minutes.
Reduced Drip Loss : Better freezing technology allows for preservation of internal cellular structure and as such prevents reduced product weight and quality to water and drip loss.
Long Term Storage: Products rapidly frozen this way can be stored for extremely long periods of time.
Highest Quality Maintenance : The rapid freezing technology allows for the highest freezing quality.
Efficient and Economical : Extremely efficient and a fraction of the price of a regular Nitrogen Freezer while still achieving similar results.

Working with Us :

We believe that working together with our clients is the best way to understand the product as well as the ways in which it can benefit the individual who is choosing to purchase it. Being able to understand our clients and the way in which they expect the freezer to improve their business helps us understand their exact needs and create a freezer that is capable to addressing those very needs.

In being able to address those needs, we find that there is plenty of room for improvement as well as customization provided we know the kind of product that is expected from the machine as well as the benefits expected of it.

If you would like to know more about IQF Freezing and wish to go further, please feel free to read the articles on the rest of the site so as to achieve a better understanding of the product you wish to purchase.

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