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IQF Freezing Technology is at the forefront of the food processing industry. As the importance of IQF Freezing Technology proliferates through the industry, we find an increasing demand from companies and businesses who want to update their current business models and methods of production. While this is highly desirable, it is also important to note that without the right information, it is possible to easily make the wrong choice and end up investing in a product who’s benefits do not outweigh the costs in anyway.

Today, we will be taking a look at the factors to keep in consideration when purchasing an IQF Freezer as well as how to be cost effective in your purchase so that you can find yourself getting the best bang for your buck.

The Concept behind IQF Freezer :

IQF Freezer Grapes

As always, we will first take a quick look at what an IQF Freezer is and how it functions. This is for the readers who haven’t been informed about them yet so if you have, feel free to skip to the next header.

An IQF Freezer uses technology known as Individual Quick Freeze. In an IQF Freezer, the products that are being frozen are done so individually. These products are frozen without affecting their neighboring counterparts. Each individual product is treated individually in its entirety.

To illustrate this, let us take the example of shrimp. Shrimp has a very delicate texture. Previously, shrimp was frozen using the same methods as a regular blast freezer. But the problem with that arises when one tries to freeze it in a batch or for packaging. Because of the small and soft nature of shrimp, the product sticks together and upon defrosting is often damaged often leading to food loss or a less than satisfying experience.

However, with an IQF Freezer, it is possible to freeze all the units individually without adversely affecting the product or its neighboring counter parts. This opens up a lot more possibilities in terms of distribution, packaging, customer experience and more!

Now that the basics of IQF Freezing are out of the way, let us take a look at how best to invest in an IQF Freezer.

Investing in IQF Freezing :

Choosing the right IQF Freezer can be a difficult choice to make. Given the popularity of IQF Technology, several manufacturers have jumped on the IQF band wagon. However, just enthusiasm does not equal excellence and as such, one has to consider one’s choices carefully prior to purchasing an IQF Freezer. It is also important to consider the IQF Freezer Cost. IQF Freezer Cost can also be influenced depending upon the features the machine provides. However, the main contributing factor to IQF Freezer Cost has to be inventory load and hourly processing speed. The IQF Freezer Cost can be influenced heavily depending upon how fast the IQF Freezer needs to process the product.

We will now take a look over some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an IQF Freezer.

Drip Loss :

The first factor that we will consider as one of the most vital parts of the decision making process is the drip loss ratio of the machine. Drip loss is the process by which products lose their internal moisture or break down into liquid due to improper or inefficient freezing. Drip Loss happens in all situations regardless however, there is substantial differences in the amount of drip loss produced by different machines. Some machines can go down to less than 1% drip loss. This is something to aim for as the lower the drip loss, the better the quality of the product and the least amount of product lost as moisture.

Electrical Efficiency :

An IQF Freezer can be quite power hungry. As such, it is important to look for an IQF Freezer that is capable of carrying out its tasks without requiring an unnecessarily large amount of energy. Many IQF Manufacturers produce Eco Friendly versions of the IQF Freezer. These are usually energy efficient and also play a big part in ensuring there is a much lower carbon footprint on the planet. In addition to this, a lower energy loadout also allows for big savings ensuring that you make up the funds spent in purchasing the IQF Freezer.

Scale-ability :

Scale-ability is another point to consider when it comes to IQF Freezing. Depending on your individual needs and your available facilities, it is crucial that you choose a unit that not only fits in your location but also addresses your production needs while being able to be scaled higher if and when the need arises. Being able to keep this requirement in mind is important because it will be able to help you avoid a world of scaling and growth issues in the future.

Drawing Conclusions :

In considering IQF Freezer Cost, it is important to remember your needs and to find a product that best matches those requirements without sacrificing too much in terms of functionality or performance. By keeping the above points in mind, it becomes much easier to make a smart and informed decision prior to purchasing your product. Its important to treat the purchase of an IQF Freezer as an investment because that is exactly what it is, an investment.

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